Make a Flight Attendant Fly--Off the Handle!


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 Never again will you experience that perfected flight attendant eye-roll when following this first guidebook to the etiquette of air travel. Whether you are a frequent or novice flyer, you will be educated and entertained by JoAnn Deveny's insider's narration of airline tales and humor. 99 Ways is a perfect gift idea for the "stew"in your life or your favorite oblivious frequent flyer!


When Bluebirds Fly


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When Bluebirds Fly is a true, self-reflective account of a family's struggles to find happiness and hope after a horrific tragedy, the drowning death of a child. Written in the form of creative non-fiction, this unique inspirational memoir tells the story through intriguing  viewpoints of a father, mother, sibling, as well as testimonials from the babysitter and first-responders. Spiritual, heavenly signs inspire the reader as the story unfolds to the surprising conclusion. 


I Am Widow, Hear Me Roar


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"Please God, not again."

These were the first words that spewed from her mouth when JoAnn found herself at the deathbed of her 49-year-old husband. It was also a fitting sentiment one month later when her toilet broke for the second time since his funeral.

Yes, widowhood is not for sissies.